{"session":null,"currency":"USD","coinValues":{"cv":"0.004#0.01#0.02#0.04#0.06#0.08#0.1#0.15#0.2#0.3#0.4#0.5#0.6#0.8#1#2#3#4","cb":"0.1#0.25#0.5#1#1.5#2#2.5#3.75#5#7.5#10#12.5#15#20#25#50#75#100"},"lines":27,"demo":true,"balance":10000,"debug":false,"langs":{"loader.title":"Loading","modal.about.title3":"The Wild Symbol","modal.about.slide4.text1":"The Wild symbol appears on the reels 2, 3, 4, 5 and replaces any of the other symbols.","modal.about.slide3.text1":"The Wild symbols dropped remain on the playing field and move randomly.","modal.about.title4":"Winning Table","modal.about.title4.header1":"High Symbols","modal.about.title4.header2":"Low Symbols","modal.about.title1":"The Hat","modal.about.slide1.text1":"The Hat symbol may be found on any of the reels.","modal.about.slide1.text2":"Get 3, 4 or 5 Hat symbols to start free spins or get Super Multiplyer!","modal.about.slide2.text":"To activate Bonus Game you need to get at least one combo of High symbols, in which the Wild symbol is found on the 4th or 5th position.","modal.about.title5":"Paylines","modal.about.slide7.text1":"The basic game has 27 fixed paylines.","modal.about.slide7.text2":"The combinations are counted left-to-right, and the minimum winning combination is 3 symbols in a row.","modal.coinvalue.title":"Coin value","modal.coinvalue.title.input":"Cash bet","modal.coinvalue.button":"Confirm","modal.funds.title":"Insufficient funds","modal.funds.button":"Top-up balance to play","modal.funds.text":"You have insufficient funds to place the current wager","modal.max_bet.title":"MAX BET","modal.max_bet.text":"Bet has been changed to a maximum value of","modal.max_bet.button":"OK","modal.menu.about":"About the game","modal.menu.rules":"Rules","modal.menu.sound.on":"Sound ON","modal.menu.sound.off":"Sound OFF","modal.rules.content.first.tab1":"In the game a bet of 25 coins plays on 27 paylines.","modal.rules.content.first.tab2":"The game RTP (Return to Player) is 95%.","modal.rules.content.first.tab0":"Illusionist is a video-slot with 5 reels, 3 lines and game features: Magic Hat, Jumping Wild, Bonus Game with a guaranteed prize.","modal.rules.content.first.tab3":"The coin value is set in the game interface using the bet control panel.","modal.rules.content.first.tab4":"There are 9 game symbols total: 5 High symbols and 4 Low symbols.","modal.rules.content.first.tab6":"The Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol on the payline.","modal.rules.content.first.tab7":"The Wild symbol is only found on reels 2, 3, 4, 5.","modal.rules.content.first.tab8":"The number of Free spins or Bonus spins is defined in the rules below.","modal.rules.content.first.tab9":"In the event that players win Free spins or Bonus spins — these spins are played using the same currency and bet conditions that were used when the Free spins or Bonus spins were won.","modal.rules.content.first.tab5":"The line wins in situation it contains the winning combo (the list of paylines is found in the table). The payline starts from the first (left) reel.","modal.rules.content.first.tab11":"Players may change the bet amount only after the spin is completed as well as Free spins or Bonus spins.","modal.rules.content.first.tab10":"The wins in Free spins and Bonus spins are summed up with the wins in the spins that brought the player a Free spin or Bonus spin correspondingly. After that the total funds are accrued on the player`s balance.","modal.rules.content.second.uptab0":"To activate the Bonus game players need to gather a combination of High symbols with the Wild symbol on reels 4 or 5 obliged.","modal.rules.content.second.uptab1":"The number of bonus spins is found in the table:","modal.rules.content.second.subtab0":"Wild on reel 4 — 7 spins","modal.rules.content.second.subtab2":"Wild on reel 4 and 5 — 10 spins","modal.rules.content.second.subtab1":"Wild on reel 5 — 8 spins","modal.rules.content.second.downtab0":"While the Bonus spins the feature Jumping Wild is activated. The number of Wild symbols is determined by the number of Wild symbols that appeared in the spin the Bonus was activated.","modal.rules.content.second.downtab1":"Jumping Wild moves to any position on the field to form a winning combo.","modal.rules.content.second.downtab2":"The Bonus game is not activated in Bonus spins.","modal.rules.content.third.uptab0":"To activate the Magic Hat — the corresponding symbol (Magic Hat) must appear on the field.","modal.rules.content.third.uptab1":"The Magic Hat symbol might appear on any reel.","modal.rules.content.third.downtab0":"When the Magic Hat appears, one of the following happens:","modal.rules.content.second.sublist0":"— the player does not receive the win","modal.rules.content.second.sublist1":"3 Hats — the player gets 8 Free spins","modal.rules.content.second.sublist2":"4 Hats — the player gets a x600 win","modal.rules.content.second.sublist3":"5 Hats — the player gets a x3000 win","modal.rules.content.table.head":"Symbol","modal.rules.content.table.head2":"IN ROW","modal.rules.content.table.first.row":"Super Symbol","modal.rules.content.table.second.row":"High Symbol","modal.rules.content.table.third.row":"Low Symbol","modal.rules.header":"Game Rules","modal.rules.table.header1":"General Rules","modal.rules.table.header2":"Bonus Game","modal.rules.table.header3":"Magic Hat","modal.about.button.start":"Start the game","modal.rules.table.header4":"Winning Table","panel.button.maxbet":"Max bet","panel.button.autoplay":"Auto play","panel.input.coinvalue":"Coin value","panel.input.bet":"Cash bet","panel.input.win":"Win","panel.input.balance":"Balance","panel.input.freespin.right":"Total win","panel.input.lines":"Lines","panel.input.freespin.left":"Free spins"},"currencyFloat":2}
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